Monday, 19 July 2010

Spark in the Park: an exciting event for October

Taking place during the UK EY2010 week, there will be conference/discussion sessions, an exhibition of anti-poverty activities involving workers, volunteers and people experiencing poverty, publication of London Euroscene Event Special newspaper and a range of fun activities for children. This family event in North London will attract up to 700 people from groups across London as well as from the immediate neighbourhood of social housing on 3 sides of the park.

Given the family-friendly nature of the event, we can foster a deeper and wider understanding of the poverty caused by raising a family in the capital. About 100-150 participants will be registered for the conference element and will be encouraged to formulate an EY2010 declaration. The remaining 550-500 will explore the exhibition of 30-50 stands/themed tents showcasing best anti-poverty practice across London. Visitors will be encouraged to leave their own comments and observations about the issues of the day. Given the photogenic nature of the event, there will be significant city-wide publicity.

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